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The true-life story of how we helped Mariana and her family solve their problem 

A Real Happy-Camper Closing with Dave!
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A Fair Trade: A Big Check for a House They Don't Want!

Dear Louisville House Seller,
If you’ve never sold a house to a cash buyer like me before, you might be wondering how it works and whether it’s too good to be true. Well, here is the true story of one of my sellers and how I helped solve their problem easily and fast!
Marina Knew That Selling Her House The "Usual" Way Would Be Very Hard
Last spring a very nice lady named Marina called me about a house her family needed to sell.  The original plan wasn't to sell it, but stuff came up and they decided they wanted fast money more than the house.  Marina knew that the house was in a condition that would cost a lot of money, time and hassle to get into shape to sell.  She knew it would not get top dollar because of the work it needed and because She wanted it sold fast. She also didn't want to deal with:
  • Cleaning
  • Painting 
  • Fixing
  • Hiring people to fix
  • Paying for materials to fix
  • Advertising
  • Showing the house
  • Hiring someone to take care of the complicated selling stuff
  • Negotiating
  • Dealing with long legal documents
  • Waiting to see if "Buyers" would really buy
  • Moving stuff out
  • Storing stuff
  • Throwing stuff away
  • And a million other things that go along with trying to sell

 Marina Just Didn’t Have the Time, Energy, or Money to Hassle with a Long List of Things To Do   

So...they gave me a call and we just talked on the phone.  No biggy.  She just told me the situation and about the house.  I didn't use any fancy sales "techniques".  It just sounded like what she wanted for the house was right around what I was willing to pay, so she invited me over to take a look. 

She Got Rid of the House Fast AND got Paid!

     When I got there, I looked at the house for about 15 minutes.  She had told me over the phone about all of the things wrong with the house that she knew about, and I didn't find much more wrong with it.  We just made some on-the-spot fine tuning on the price and wound up with an agreement.  In less than a week they got the cash (see the picture above) and got free of the house.

It Really is That Easy!

     This is pretty much the way I always do it.  A person contacts me. We talk.  If  I can help them by buying their house at a price that is good for both of us, we make a deal.  If it doesn't work out, everyone stays friendly and we both just move forward.  It's very simple and low-stress. 

If You Need Cash For Your House You Must CALL (502) 412-3613 RIGHT NOW! 

If you have a house you need to sell in a hurry and have a lot of flexibility on price or terms, you should pick up the phone, email me, or fill out my online form. Please don't delay.  I normally pay cash for houses so you don't want to contact me too late. You might find out I bought somebody else's house with the money YOU should've gotten!

Best regards,


(502) 412-3613



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Dave Coffey
dave coffey buys houses in louisville ky kentucky
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